Sustainable Energy Forums (FES)

Project name Sustainable Energy Forums (FES)
March 1998 - Ongoing
Total budget: Variable
  • Renewable energy professionals and energy saving products and services
  • Politicians
  • Banks
  • Investor groups
  • Students
  • Energy users
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Sustainable Energy Forums address the sustainable use of energy and the use of products and services that enable us to use energy in a clean and efficient way. They emphasize energy derived from renewable sources and energy that maximizes local energy, human and economic resources.

These forums, attendance at which is free, are open to all renewable energy professionals and also to those who make decisions in the field of energy. It is aimed specifically at professionals in energy saving products and services and in the use of renewable energies: manufacturers, designers, traders, installers, maintainers; those who can finance projects and/or companies: banks, investor groups; technical students: professional development, engineering and architecture; and the public who use energy and have a particular sensitivity to the subject.

We have celebrated more than twenty editions:

  • XXV FES (April, 26th 2024) at Centre Cultural Francesca Bonnemaison
    Urban climate resilience: How to adapt to summer heat
  • XXIV FES (4 May 2023) at Palau Robert
    Participation and governance to deal with vulnerabilities: The commitment to energy communities
  • XX FES ( 27 April 2018) at Palau Robert
    The city that moves us. Citizenship and administrations towards sustainable mobility
  • XIX FES (26 April 2017) in Palau Robert
    Technology, legislation and funding for quality, healthy and efficient outdoor lighting
  • XVIII FES (1 April 2016) at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona
    What would your company have to do to reduce energy bills?
  • XVII FES (29 April 2015) at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona
    The power grid at the service of people and communities
  • XVI FES (14 May 14) in the Auditorium of La Pedrera
    Energy and Communication. How to communicate a complex subject such as energy in an effective and innovative way.
  • XV FES (26 April 2013) in the Auditorium of La Pedrera
    Green electricity in the European Union: from producer to consumer
  • XIV FES (26 April 2012) in the Auditorium of La Pedrera
    Discover the tools and services to use energy efficiently and generate energy at home.
  • XIII FES (13 April 2011) in the Auditorium of La Pedrera
    Get your reduction tools out of the drawer: use and communication of CO2 emission reduction tools
  • XII FES (27 April 2010) in Espai Francesca Bonnemaison
    Home-autonomy day
  • XI FES (24 and 25 April 2009) in the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison
    Biofuels: angel or demon
  • X FES (25 and 26 April 2008) at the CCCB
    Centres for training, dissemination, demonstration and development of renewable energies
  • IX FES (April 2007) in the Auditorium of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the Parc de la Ciutadella
    Giving good information about energy
  • VIII FES (27 April 2006) at the Fábrica del Sol
    We’re active again today so we won’t be radioactive tomorrow.
  • VII FES (25 April 2005) at the Fábrica del Sol
    Heating Water with the Sun: Successes and Realities
  • VI FES (25 April 2004) at the Greenhouse of the Parc de la Ciutadella within the framework of the Earth Fair
    Alternative Technology
  • V FES (April 27, 2003) in the Greenhouse of the Parc de la Ciutadella within the framework of the Earth Fair
    The energy distributed
  • IV FES (April 20, 2002) in the Greenhouse of the Parc de la Ciutadella in the framework of the Fair for the Earth
    The transition to clean and renewable sources
  • III FES (27 and 28 April 2000) at the Pati Llimona Civic Centre
    Green electricity and energy efficiency
  • II FES (25, 26 and 27 February 1999)
  • I FES (12, 13 and 14 March 1998)


  • disseminate energy culture

Participation of Ecoserveis

We are the organisers of the Forum. We have also edited the publication “La ciutat que ens mou”, which brings together the reflections and experiences of FES 2018.

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20 editions of the Sustainable Energy Forum.



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