Declaration of Environmental Commitment of Ecoserveis

Ecoserveis’ mission is to design and implement innovative actions to promote a fairer and more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable energy model, based on the idea of ​​balance between the planet’s resources and its ability to regenerate. Through the contribution to the environmental sustainability of the energy model, Ecoserveis assumes and promotes a series of values ​​and measures aimed at protecting the environment. Consequently, the drafting of this environmental statement and the adoption of the measures described in it respond to the environmental commitment that is an essential part of the mission and values ​​of the Associació Ecoserveis.

The objective of this declaration is to contribute to protecting the natural environment and the well-being of the population by reducing the environmental impacts generated by the operations and activities carried out by the Associació Ecoserveis. This declaration identifies the main areas of environmental transformation in the activity of Ecoserveis and presents measures for each of these areas aimed at developing activities in a more responsible and sustainable manner. Ecoserveis is committed to applying these measures in the activities that take place in its office and in the activities that take place outside the office, integrating them in the design and implementation of projects and events, and taking them as criteria to consider when presenting as a candidate and agreeing to participate in projects.

Ecoserveis is a member of the Barcelona Plastic Zero Commitment. Ecoserveis is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastics in its activities inside and outside the office. The Compromís Barcelona Plàstic Zero initiative aims to visualize the initiatives to reduce single-use plastic existing in the city, as well as to encourage other organizations in the city to join in to deal with the culture of use and throw away . #plasticzero