Urban climate resilience: How to adapt to summer heat

The Forum of Sustainable Energy celebrates its 25th edition as a space for reflection regarding the sustainable usage of energy and the promotion of a new energy culture.

This year, immersed in a change in the energy culture – in part due to climate emergency – we dedicate the forum to debate on the concept of climate resilience and to talk about how the adaptation of the cities to heat waves should be like. And we do it thanks to the European projects Cooltorise and Climate Pact.

To address it, this years event will be on April 26th at the Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Culture Center in Barcelona, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The meteorologist and ambassador of the European Climate Pact Isabel Moreno will be in charge of the opening conference. Next, two round tables will take place: The first one will be about initiatives and programs that create resiliance against heat waves, and the second one will be about climate adaptation challenges.

Concrete initiatives & Climate adaptation challenges

The first round table includes projects and initiatives such as the network of climate shelters in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Coolschools project, the Cooltorise and its citizen empowerment work and the local heat adaptation programs of the Barcelona City Council.

The second table will address strategies to reduce the impact of heat on public health, the impacts of the heat island effect, the challenges of adaptation to climate from the regions, local planning and actions against heat and the use of AI in measures. of adaptation to climate.

The event will be in Spanish and will also be broadcasted via an streaming platform.

Join us in a session dedicated to rethinking how our cities adapt to the climate emergency!

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