Neighbourhood communities against energy poverty

Project name Neighbourhood communities against energy poverty
2017 - December 31, 2018
Total budget: Generalitat de Catalunya: 59,080.00€
  • Neighbourhood communities in a situation of energy poverty
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The project “Neighbourhood communities against energy poverty” aims to put into practice and consolidate a sustainable, innovative and non-assistance model to face the huge challenge of community and municipal management of public housing and especially those occupied by vulnerable groups or at risk of social exclusion. In order to achieve this objective, we focus both on the common parts of the building and on an individual level through interventions and energy advice points.

We focus the intervention on the conviction that the beneficiaries have to become aware and, consequently, get involved in improving the energy efficiency of their homes, on the one hand, and make a responsible consumption of the supplies in order to reduce the cost of their bills, on the other.


  • Approach unorganized people through Self-financing Communities to consider popular savings groups and innovative financing strategies.
  • Reduce the cost of the stairs and improve the efficiency of the building in neighbourhood communities with problems of energy poverty, especially those occupied by vulnerable groups or at risk of social exclusion.

Participation of Ecoserveis

At Ecoserveis we offer personalised pricing and contractual advice, as well as support for processing contract changes. We detect the needs of each community and propose specific actions to reform and improve efficiency, but we also give recommendations regarding the improvement of consumer habits. On the other hand, we install low-cost energy-efficient materials in households, following the service-learning methodology. Finally, we hold work sessions, together with ACAF, to consider the possibility of building a CAF with all or part of the residents of each community.

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