Occupation Plan Barcelona Energy Agency

Project name Occupation Plan Barcelona Energy Agency
July 20, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Total budget: Barcelona Energy Agency contract: €26,410
  • People in long-term unemployment
  • Neighbourhood communities
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As part of the rehabilitation policies of Barcelona’s building stock, the Barcelona Housing Consortium offers aid for its improvement, including energy improvement.

In this area, we offer energy and renovation advice to residents on the energy saving measures and generation of renewable energy that they can take both in their home and in their community, including passive and active measures and consumption habits. We make special emphasis on the incorporation of energy generation measures, informing about the benefits and existing aids. In this way we contribute to promote the rehabilitation of buildings using energy efficiency criteria.

The energy and rehabilitation advice to the communities is carried out by 25 people trained as assistants and auxiliary technicians. These people have a long-term unemployment profile and receive professional training that provides them with both general knowledge (prevention of occupational hazards, key skills, job search training…) and specialized knowledge (regarding the intervention criteria and the existing aids for rehabilitation and energy saving and energy efficiency in buildings).

Participation of Ecoserveis

The Ecoserveis team has been in charge of training in the field of energy storage and energy efficiency, while Barcelona Activa carries out generic training and the Housing Consortium provides knowledge related to intervention criteria and available grants.


Promote the rehabilitation of buildings with the incorporation of improvements in energy efficiency.

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25 people in long-term unemployment participate in the Occupation Plan.


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