Energia justa

Project name Energia justa
July 2013 - Ongoing
Total budget: Variable
  • Groups in vulnerable situations
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The Fuel Poverty Group is an initiative that aims to combat energy poverty from a strategic, innovative and pioneering perspective and to prevent families from incurring energy costs that are too high to pay. The project follows the same philosophy as many French, English, Portuguese and Hungarian social entities, with Asset Building services. This type of service aims to increase the self-sufficiency and dignity of the most vulnerable members of the population by providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to improve their access to services such as high-quality education and adequate housing. For this purpose, we have more than 60 volunteers and have served more than 2,000 users.


  • Guaranteeing access to energy supplies to ensure that socially vulnerable people can live with dignity.

Participacion of Ecoserveis

Alongside ABD, we have trained Fuel Poverty Group volunteers to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to advise users on how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and to promote strategies that produce sustainable energy savings over time, with the aim of reducing energy poverty. Ecoserveis is responsible for providing training and technical support, while ABD leads volunteer management.

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  • Variable.

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Metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Madrid