Green Coach

Project name Green Coach
January 2020 - December 2022
Total budget: ERASMUS+: €399,963
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Green Coach is a European project that aims to improve the governance of sports associations through improved environmental governance. Five football federations of European countries are seeking to incorporate sustainability standards into the daily routine of their clubs through the development of digital monitoring and certification tools, a series of educational modules for technical and sports staff and a set of personalised measures.

These trial projects will be developed in five European countries between 2020 and 2022: France, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and the French-speaking part of Belgium. The other two strategic partners are TDM2000, which specialises in educational work for young people, and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, which is primarily responsible for the methodological aspects and comparative study before and after the interventions in the clubs.

We, Ecoserveis, the leader of this project, believe that the sports industry has had and has an important amount of responsibility in terms of pollution and impact on the climate crisis, especially regarding the transport of technical equipment and players, as well as fans and supporters of the club. Although the sport industry is increasingly recognising this historical responsibility, nowadays the measures are mainly focused on big international sports events. That is, there have been no practical measures taken in the daily routine of the clubs, nor have they found ways to replicate the international model in the local market because the needs are different.

From this project, we propose an intuitive and easy to use digital tool for those clubs that want to monitor their consumption, identify losses and act accordingly from the observed results . We believe that, with the help of this tool, named GreenTool, clubs will be able to save money and, at the same time, contribute to the fight against climate crisis. Depending on their improvement, the Federations will obtain a distinctive stamp, called GreenSeal. To promote this tool, a communication campaign will be developed to multiply its use among other clubs.

Therefore, in terms of innovation, this project will promote a change of habits in sustainability within the club, and an awareness among users of the fields, pools and other sports facilities. Furthermore, it is expected that thanks to the implementation of the trials, new data will be obtained concerning the daily management of a club or sports facility.

This project is closely related to another sustainability and sports project called PlayGreen, that we also lead. Whether you would like to be part of the network of sustainable sports entities that we are creating or you simply want to know what it is about, we encourage you to fill in the sustainable sports entities form here.

Participation of Ecoserveis

We, Ecoserveis, coordinate the efforts of the people in charge of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of 5 European football federations in order to define indicators, identify clubs and assure the proper functioning of the tools and visibility of the results.


  • Incorporate sustainability and the fight against climate change into the day-to-day management of a sports club.
  • Promote the improvement of measures related to transport and the environment in sports clubs.
  • Encourage the reproduction of the model so that the tool can be used outside the framework of this project.
  • Reward clubs that show a greater commitment to sustainability (GreenSeal).

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