Energy Advice Points (PAE)

Project name Energy Advice Points (PAE)
January 28, 2017 - Ongoing
Total budget: Tender from the City Council of Barcelona: €4,450,380
  • All citizens of Barcelona who want to learn about their energy rights and improve the energy efficiency of their homes, with an extended service for people in a situation of energy vulnerability
  • People with difficulties in accessing the job market
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With the Energy Advice Points (EAPs) we aim to detect and reduce energy poverty and improve energy efficiency in Barcelona. Any citizen can contact them to find out about their energy rights and receive advice on reducing the extra costs of basic supply bills. Among the objectives of the project are the detection of possible situations of energy poverty, the intervention in the homes of vulnerable families and ensuring the enforcement of law 24/2015.

There are a total of 12 Energy Advice Points, most of which are located in Barcelona City Council housing offices. We currently have two offices in the districts of Nou Barris, Sants-Montuïc, Horta-Guinardó, and one office in Sant Andreu, Sant Martí, Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Gràcia and Les Corts. The district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi does not have its own office.

In these facilities we make a first detection of the situation of users and give them the information they require (information on workshops, social tariff, etc.). If they need personalised advice for their situation of energy vulnerability, we refer them to the back-office, more private offices where we take all the necessary steps to reduce their energy consumption and adjust the bills for their supplies. We have 5 back-offices throughout Barcelona.

If we detect that more attention is needed, we intervene in the home, from where we carefully analyze its situation, advise the user to improve their energy habits and, if necessary, install low-cost material to improve the efficiency of the home.

In each EAP 2 advisors, 2 informants, 2 energy agents and 1 coordinator work. In this project, 32 long-term unemployed people trained as energy agents in the Ecoserveis pilot project “Energia la Justa” have been hired. In addition, every 8 months the Temporary Joint Venture ABD-FABD-Ecoserveis hires 20 people who receive a training of 2 months and work for 6 months in one of the PAE.

Previously, two pilot projects were carried out: Energia la justa (occupation plan) and PAPE (Attention Points to Energy Poverty, PAPE for its Catalan and Spanish acronym).


  • Guarantee the rights of citizenship and improve energy efficiency.
  • To promote employment and improve the employability of people with difficulties in accessing the job market.
  • Promote community work to combat energy poverty.

Participation of Ecoserveis

ABD, FABD and Ecoserveis have created a Temporary Joint Venture and we are responsible for the coordination of the project throughout the city. In addition, we are also in charge of the implementation and management of the service in the district of Nou Barris.

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Results achieved

Till 2018:
21.700households served
56.630people assisted

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