Project name V2Market
01/09/2021 - 01/09/2024
Total budget: Budget for Ecoservices: € 256,943. Total project budget: € 1,999,857.00 - Horizon 2020
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V2Market will develop market conditions for the integration of vehicle-to-grid services (V2G) and vehicle-to-building services (V2B) in the Local Flexibility and Energy Efficiency market.

V2G and V2B services articulate the use of electric vehicles (EV) batteries not only to charge energy form the system, but to save and reverse it to the grid and buildings, making the electric system way more flexible. This energy exchange translates into better saving and better running for the generic electric grid.

Even though V2G and V2B technologies are ready for the market, its conditions are still to define. V2Market will develope a business case for V2G considering potential interests of every actor implied in the value chain ( final users, suppliers, developers and many others).

Ecoserveis role

Project coordination.


  • Incorporate EVs to the saving andflexibility electric system
  • Offer new incomes to EV owners
  • Facilitate EV implementation in a bigger scale