Forests and Citizen Science

Project name Forests and Citizen Science
01/07/2021 - 31/12/2021
Total budget: 3,871.50€. Amount requested: 1,925.00€. General call for grants 2021, Barcelona City Council.
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This project aims to create a connection between the citizens and the urban and peri-urban forests of the city of Barcelona, intending to prepare the people for the annual forests conference and the international recognition that will take place in Barcelona in 2022, organized by the European Forest Institute. 

The aim is to link the scientific and education fields through five sessions addressed to the citizens, talking about different topics regarding the benefits of the urban and peri-urban forests. The topics that will be discussed are green pedagogy, health, bioenergy, citizen science and the mountain of Collserola. In addition, a session with local authorities and entities will be organized to promote a citizen approach in their activities. These sessions have the purpose of feeding into the program of the congress, that will dedicate a whole day to the citizens, highlighting their real worries and needs.


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  • To improve the awareness of the citizens participating.
  • To make the accessibility of urban and peri-urban forests easier for the people with mobility difficulties and for the neighbourhoods in far locations.
  • To prepare the citizens of Barcelona so that they can take active participation during the annual forests conference that will recognize Barcelona as the European Forest City 2022.
  • To develop a proposal of an agenda for the participation of the citizens in the conference, including issues of common interest and a list of actors interested in participating.
  • To elaborate suggestions for improvement with regard to public policies aimed at education, the use of green spaces (health), citizen science and participation.

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