Transport Poverty

Project name Transport Poverty
01/11/2022 - 31/03/2024
Total budget: A total of €299,864.00 of which €20,300.00 is allocated to Ecoservices - DG Employment of the European Commission
  • Citizenship
  • Political leaders and civil society organizations
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The Transport Poverty project aims to work on the definition of the concept of energy poverty at European level, and to define indicators to be able to quantify it. Subsequently, provide support in public policies to be able to address the problem through the conclusions that are drawn.

It is a project of the DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion of the European Commission, coordinated by the OEKO Institute in Freiburg, and WiseEuropa, Cambridge Econometrics, Center Study of Democracy, the University of Manchester and us, Ecoserveis, also participate.

It has the opinion of experts in the sector: entities such as Col·lectiu Punt 6, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat and the Basque Center for Climate Change, in addition to other academics with international recognition.

Role of Ecoserveis

The Ecoserveis Association works on the perspective of transport poverty at the Spanish level, and provides technical support to the consortium in its fields of expertise.


  • Define a series of indicators to quantify transport poverty.
  • Develop a series of recommendations to address transport poverty from the public administration.

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