Spanish Coordination Climate Pact Ambassadors

Project name Spanish Coordination Climate Pact Ambassadors
01/10/2023 - 31/05/2025
Total budget: €82,439.83
  • Ambassadors for the Climate Pact
  • Set of citizens in Spain
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The Climate Pact is an EU initiative launched in 2020 to bring the challenges and opportunities of the green transition closer to all citizens, stakeholders and non-state actors, informing them and encouraging them to participate in climate action.

It is a platform designed for different non-state actors to meet, exchange and share information and examples of practices towards climate action at the local scale. In this sense, the Pact wants to involve citizens, groups, local communities, regions, industries, schools and civil society to cooperate and learn together towards collective climate action.

Spain is one of the countries that has demonstrated its commitment. This year, it is developing a work plan with activities that aim to:

  • Promote the European Climate Pact.
  • Organize events to raise awareness and encourage change of habits.
  • Collect good practices to make them known on a national and international scale.
  • Support ambassadors and the Pact community, as critical multiplier agents.

Spain has a large network of ambassadors for the Climate Pact where more than a hundred volunteers contribute their knowledge and influence to publicize the Pact’s mission and encourage climate action.

Participation of Ecoserveis

Coordination of the Climate Pact in Spain.


  1. Raise awareness about climate change and the impacts on people’s everyday lives.
  2. Inform all citizens of the policies, initiatives and financing funds that respond to climate change.
  3. Fostering change by encouraging and empowering people to take action for the climate in various aspects of their lives, such as changing habits in the work and personal environment or joining initiatives that inspire the defense of the climate.

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