Project name GREEN TEAM
01/12/2022 - 30/11/2025
Total budget: €400,000 in total, of which €23,004 are allocated to Ecoserveis - Erasmus + Program
  • Sportswomen and sportsmen
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Sustainability Strategy for Greener and more Inclusive sport events


The GREEN TEAM project seeks to foster sustainable, inclusive sporting events by stressing cooperation among the local agents involved. GREEN TEAM seeks to encourage sports federations (more than 10,000 of them in Europe), administrations and companies in the sport sector to be more sustainable and inclusive when holding sporting events. To do so, first we will create a sustainability seal in sport. The confederations will hand it out to the federations, which can get it by taking an online course (which will lay the groundwork of the theoretical part) and holding a sustainable sporting event (the practical part). To accompany this learning, handbooks and audiovisual materials will be created (with a low environmental impact) for sports confederations, federations, the private sector and administrations.

Likewise, with the goal of promoting inclusion, sustainability campaigns will come hand in hand with promotion and the mechanisms needed to integrate groups at risk of exclusion in sports participation. GREEN TEAM was founded to further promote active citizenship and healthy habits via care for the environment and its inhabitants. Thus, this project seeks to use the power of sport to contribute to the necessary struggle against climate change and to promote more resilient, diverse and egalitarian societies.

Ecoserveis' role

Training and education.


  • To create bonds among the different agents in the territory to raise the awareness of the sports
    sector, the administration and citizens of the importance of sustainable sporting events.
  • To design and implement the concept of sustainability seal (with digital learning) for
    confederations and federations.
  • To create a methodology for more ecological and inclusive sporting events.

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