Climate-Ready Barcelona

Project name Climate-Ready Barcelona
01/06/2023 - 30/06/2025
Total budget: €997,515.63 in total, of which €299,450.00 are allocated to Ecoservices - ICLEI Action Fund 2.0
  • Citizens
  • Policymakers and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Climate and Energy-Vulnerable Households
  • Researchers
  • Energy Advisory Centers (EACs) and Professionals
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Climate-Ready Barcelona (BCN) aims to support the Barcelona city council and citizenship in anticipating and adapting to climate change effects and the related energy crisis. It will develop and implement cutting-edge energy awareness services addressed to the Energy Advisory Centers (EACs) users and: 1) a data-driven household climate vulnerability map, and 2) a climate vulnerability multidimensional index, to support the municipal departments’ climate-related decisions. Furthermore, Climate-Ready BCN will gather, process, and enrich many data sets to help local policymakers implement multidimensional, cross-departmental climate inequality interventions. Linking these interventions with tailored energy advisory actions it is planned to boost the energy retrofitting of buildings and the energy sovereignty plans of the city.

For the last years, the Barcelona City council, through the Energy Agency of Barcelona and the Municipal Institute of Social Services has set up an ambitious plan to empower citizens on energy and climate vulnerability. This action plan has different pillars, and two of them can be clearly benefited by the data driven actions this project aims at developing and rolling out: the EACs and the residential energy retrofitting program.

The EACs were first established in 2014 by Ecoserveis, ABD and Barcelona Municipality. They are a free public service assisting all citizens and especially energy-poor citizens ensure compliance with their energy rights. A large database of household energy profiles and socio economic data is presently managed by the EACs and will be used as the basis to expand the range of services offered. On the other hand, the EACs are also acting as information hubs for citizens in relation to the energy retrofitting program and their linked subsidies. However, the lack of proccessed data on incomes, buildings’ energy quality, solar energy potential and indoor comfort is preventing a more effective implementation of this retrofitting program.

Ecoserveis' role

Ecoserveis Assosiation is the coordinator of the project, taking care of the overall project management, reporting, internal communication, risk assessment and quality assurance. Ecoserveis Association is also responsible of the creation of policy recommendations of the project, as well as providing support in other parters’ tasks, namely the creation of the vulnerability map and the upgrading of the Energy Advisory Centres’ software.


  • Implement a linked data framework to harmonise and standardise the heterogenous data which are presently accessible in a dispersed environment of public and private data sources.
  • Develop AI-based applications and cutting-edge interfaces to improve the existing EAC
    software and to enhance targeted communication with users and with their reference professionals.
  • Design and develop the intelligence, the IT architecture, and the interactive visual interfaces of a household climate vulnerability map and construct a climate inequality index.
  • Capitalise on new outputs to formulate data-driven policy recommendations. This will have a specific focus on better targeting the energy refurbishment of buildings program and the energy sovereignty plans. The outcomes will be also used to better design the public incentives and subsidies on household energy profiles, socio-economic conditions, urban environment quality and climaterelated comfort.
  • Expand communication and engagement activities to ensure the target groups widely use the new tools.

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