Nona Galvany

Ámbit de treball

  • Climate crisis
  • Social rights
  • Research

With a profile in social sciences and humanities, she graduated in Global Studies from Pompeu Fabra University, where she acquired transdisciplinary knowledge focused on dealing with current global phenomena from a comprehensive perspective.

Very interested in the climate crisis, especially in mitigation and adaptation, as well as the protection of ecosystems and human rights. Following his interests, he completed a master’s degree specializing in ethics and citizenship at the University of Barcelona, specifically focusing on the study of climate migration and the search for a legal framework that protects climate refugees.

He joined Ecoserveis in order to contribute his expertise in social sciences and humanities in order to follow the organization’s philosophy of approaching projects from a holistic and effective perspective. He firmly believes in the positive and necessary impact that Ecoserveis’ work has on society and wishes to be able to contribute to building a fairer and more sustainable world.