The Barcelona Energy Advising Points managed by ABD and Ecoserveis have been recognized as one of the 100 best climatic actions in the world

The ‘Cities100‘ selection committee has acknowledged the PAE Energy Advising Points of the city of Barcelona in the category of ‘Inclusive climate action’. The service, managed by the Bienestar y Desarrollo Association (ABD in Spanish) and the Ecoserveis Association, will be shown on the web, a prestigious publication that shows the most innovative policies and programs to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and improve the resistance of cities to climate change.

Cities100‘ is a report prepared by Nordic Sustainability, C40 and Realdania, which each year present the most ambitious climate action projects developed in cities around the world. This year, the 100 projects come from 63 cities and are presented in 12 chapters, including sectors such as sustainable mobility, planning of climate actions and clean energy. For the first time, the report also incorporated chapters on air quality, inclusive climate action (where PAEs have been recognized) and sustainable food.

Detect and reduce energy poverty

The Energy Advisory Points are a Barcelona City Council service managed by ABD and Ecoserveis, which offer the information, assistance and intervention necessary for people to exercise their energy rights and prevent companies from denying them access to basic utilities. In particular, they aim to detect and reduce energy poverty and improve energy efficiency in Barcelona. Any citizen can address to the PAE to get information about their energy rights and receive advice to reduce the surpluses of basic supplies bills. Among the objectives of the project are the detection of possible situations of energy poverty, intervention in the homes of vulnerable families and ensure compliance with the law 24/2015.

ABD, FABD and Ecoserveis are responsible for coordinating the project throughout the city. They are also in charge of the implementation and management of the service in the district of Nou Barris. During 2017, the Energy Advisory Points served 8,462 homes, and a total of 23,231 people. Throughout 2018 they attended 13,301 homes, summarizing a total of 33,434 people. And during 2019 (until the month of August) it has attended 9,102 homes that represent a total of 24,286 people. The sum of households served since the service was created has therefore been 30,865, with a total of 80,951 people.