European Mobility Week: Ecoserveis’ mobility carbon footprint

From September 16 to 22, organisations from all over the Continent celebrate the European Mobility Week. Ecoserveis is joining this initiative to promote more sustainable, safe and healthy mobility habits in everyday life.

Sustainable mobility is one of the strategic lines of Ecoserveis. This is one of the main reasons why we apply efficiency measures and give priority to the use of public transport, walking or using the bike whenever possible. Additionally, we facilitate telecommuting and we follow criteria of both environmental sustainability and resource optimization when it comes to scheduling face-to-face meetings or participating in events.

Our action

During the 2018 edition of the European Mobility Week, we calculated the CO2 emissions generated from our travel between work and our homes. This year we will repeat this action and we will add the estimation of the emissions generated as a result of the development of our activity during 2018. The results will show a “photograph” of our footprint in mobility. The objective is to become aware of how we move, evaluate our environmental impact, establish a record that allows us to compare our annual evolution and design and apply the required improvements in order to maintain the minimum level of emissions required to offer our services in a sustainable way.

As we did in 2018, this week we will calculate the CO2 emissions generated between our homes and work. On Friday, we will present a comparison with the generated emissions versus those that would have been generated if we had used a traditional combustion car. This will be our small grain of sand to contribute to the adoption of more efficient practices when it comes to moving.

In order to carry out the estimation, we will use the Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculator (GEH) issued by the Catalan Office for Climate Change, and updated in 2019.

We have included this as a registered action at the European Mobility Week portal. Find out more here!