Do you want to know how to incorporate and promote the Sustainable Development Goals in a Sport Organization?

Recently, in the last consortium meeting of the SDG Striker project in Portugal it was presented one of the main outputs of the project: a Practical Guideline to incorporate and communicate SDGs in the Sports Organizations.

This document provides sports organizations with specific recommendations for the hot topics of sustainability in football like energy efficiency, mobility, water use, alternatives to plastic-based turf infill and consumption of renewable energy.

This guideline allows you to explore in detail 3 pilots aimed at increasing sustainability in European football and that can be used as a reference for launching your own similar projects in your organization:

  • A program for energy efficiency and reducing energy poverty by the Scottish Football Federation.
  • A study for potentiality and feasibility of the installation of photovoltaics by the Portuguese Football Federation.
  • A program for the installation and assessment of non-plastic-based turf infill material for reducing microplastic pollution by the Norwegian Football Federation.

The guideline is accompanied by 3 webinars that expand and explore deeper each one of the pilots and set guidelines for replication in other sports organizations. The webinars are recorded and available in YouTube through the following links: