Alba del Campo

Area of work

  • Energy poverty and energy rights
  • Fair transition
  • Communication
  • Municipal energy policies
  • Energy communities
Responsable de projectes com:

Journalist, communicator and adviser on energy transition processes at the local level. She has a degree in Information Sciences and a Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Political Science and Sociology (Complutense University of Madrid). She has made two documentaries about the current energy model and the alternatives under construction: # Oligopoly2. The electric empire against the whole world (Eurosolar Award 2013) and #OligopolyOFF. The citizen energy revolution begins (2015). She has worked as an assistant and communication officer with the Green party in the European Parliament.

From 2015 to 2019 she has worked as an energy transition advisor with the municipal government of the city of Cádiz, where she has promoted and coordinated the Department of Energy Transition of the Cádiz City Council, the Energy Transition Table and the Table against Energy Poverty . He has coordinated the implementation of three plans to combat energy poverty (Best Practices Award, ENERAGEN 2019) and the preparation of the Annual Energy Coverage, assistance in the electricity bill that ensures access to energy for families in vulnerability situation. In 2018, Cádiz received the Inspiring Cities award in relation to the promotion of a democratic energy transition.