The 2nd edition of the SDG Striker’s magazine is out now!

The SDG Striker Magazine “Sports for Sustainability” is a collaborative effort of the participants of the Erasmus+ project SDG Striker which aims to promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the football and sports sector. The magazine aims to inform and motivate the clubs, decisionmakers and the football community to make changes and implement actions in favor of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This second edition of the SDG Striker magazine focuses on the best practices that some training centers and clubs around Europe are already implementing and that can be an example and reference for other sports organizations to start their own actions, i.e.: use of renewable energies, installation of energy and water saving measures, a more efficient waste management, education on sustainability, cleaner alternatives to plastic-based apparel and artificial turf, fostering public and shared mobility.

This magazine also provides some guidelines and tools for football organizations to measure and improve their indicators on sustainability. One example is the European project Green Coach, which allows football clubs to register to a platform that measures their environmental footprint, provides information on how to improve it and awards their good sustainability performance with a seal that certifies their low environmental footprint.

Moreover, since transport is one of the areas with a higher environmental impact, best practices are included in the magazine, together with the opinions of different actors from the football world, from decisionmakers to players.

Finally, some tips are given in how to involve the community in the clubs’ decisions regarding sustainability changes and how positive this involvement can be to succeed in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and ensure a better and more efficient performance of the sports organization.

Don’t miss the sustainability train! Make your sports organization stand out and be a referent in sustainability! Read and follow our magazine to keep up with all the latest developments in the sports sustainability sector!