XXIII FES: COMPANIES AND ENERGY Proposals in response to the escalating prices of the energy sector

The Forum of Sustainable Energy celebrates its 23rd edition as a space for reflection regarding the sustainable usage of energy and the promotion of a new energy culture.

Throughout the last two decades, Ecoserveis has promoted the debate among professionals, technicians and the citizens on many aspects: tools and services to generate and use energy efficiently, green electricity, the energy communication, the intelligent networks in the service of people, energy communities, sustainable mobility and more. This year, amidst one of the most dramatic price hikes that the energy sector can remember, the discussion is focused on how small and medium-sized enterprises can cope with the energy crisis and the rising prices through proposals coming from sustainable energy initiatives.

SME are the most overlooked and forgotten sector in this crisis. While the citizens suffer a lot from these rising prices, the business network is also directly affected, and has a lack of tools to defend itself against this new scenario. That’s the reason why, through specific proposals, sustainable initiatives, new business models focused on energy efficiency and innovative ideas, this year’s FES will be dedicated to analyse how to face this change in prices that will most likely stay here for a long time.

Addressing this critical situation, the FES22 wants to generate platforms for dialogue, debates and the structuring of workplaces between the business community and the movements that promote a more fair, efficient and sustainable energy.

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