Ecoserveis at the COP25: It is time to act

From today, December 2 and over 10 days, Madrid hosts a vital summit to decide our own and the planet’s future: The United Nations Summit on Climate Change 2019. Also known as COP25, it is a unique opportunity to decide and implement real actions to address the climate emergency. Ecoserveis we will be there as a guest organisation in the blue zone, as an organiser of activities in the green zone and as a signatory of the Social COP.

Self-consumption and energy poverty

In the Blue Zone of the summit, Ecodes organises the workshop “Social Innovation for ODS7: Alliances for Joint Action against Energy Poverty and Climate Change“, in which we will be speakers and will deepen on energy transition from our experiences in energy poverty and self-consumption projects.

The goal of the workshop is to share innovative experiences that public administrations, companies and social entities are implementing to involve people in programs of shared self-consumption, energy rehabilitation, energy management or social policies with the dual objective of tackling energy poverty and climate change. The workshop will be held on 5 December at 11.30 a.m. in the United Nations Pavilion of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO).

Youth and climate emergency. Actors for the climate

On Thursday 12 December at 01.00 pm we will be at the Civil Society and Youth forum, in IFEMA, where we organise the workshop “Participation of young people in municipal policies” with the City Council of Granollers and in the framework of the activities of the European Project EYES, with the aim of analysing how young people can influence the design and implementation of climate policies.

Young people, public and private entities interested in the formulation of policies and climate change will debate on effective mechanisms to incorporate youth opinion in climate planning, reflect on the barriers that prevent making their voice tangible and propose sustainable ideas to accommodate their concerns and take advantage of them when designing and implementing public policies related to climate emergency.

Social COP. Beyond COP25

We at Ecoserveis understand that the actions taken to deal with the climate emergency must consider, in order to be effective, a change in the energy model. And this change is only possible by integrating the perspective of energy justice. The Social COP is a counter-summit organized by Fridays for Future, 2020 Climate Rebellion, Climate Alliance and Climate Emergency Alliance. This initiative gives visibility to those movements and groups on which climate change has the greatest impact and whose voices are not represented at COP25, with the objective of providing a platform to demand the implementation of policies that really mitigate climate change and favour the adaptation of the most vulnerable population.

At Ecoserveis we support the Social COP through our adhesion to the manifesto of the Social Summit for Climate. We join many other entities around the world to denounce the false solutions that seek to maintain the status quo of the current productive system and move away from the real solutions, contributing to a series of inequalities that directly affect the most disadvantaged communities.

All these actions make up the participation of Ecoserveis in a Climate Summit that demands what we have known and practiced for a long time: it is time to act.