We rethink mobility with global justice

Project name We rethink mobility with global justice
01/01/2023 - 31/12/2023
Total budget: 94,331.83€ in total, of which 20,000€ is earmarked for Ecoservices - Cooperation Grants for Global Justice, Barcelona City Council
  • Political representatives
  • Public administration technicians
  • Platforms, movements and cooperatives that work on issues of mobility and urban climate justice in the city of Barcelona
  • Mobility Area of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
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This project seeks to influence the coherence of policies regarding the mobility of people and goods in the city of Barcelona.

Extractivism linked to the mobility transition in countries of the Global North threatens the rights of citizens to territories rich in resources, which are mostly located in the Global South. Thus, the aim is to generate tools and spaces for reflection, exchange and action in the network of organized citizens in Catalonia, in connection with the Global South, to strengthen urban social resilience, influence the coherence of public policies and build alternatives in time. of crisis(s).

The project is aimed at the coherence of public policies and economic activity related to the transport and mobility of people and goods, to the city-hub that Barcelona has become within the global market. More broadly, it addresses policy coherence in terms of climate and social justice on a global scale. Thus, based on the change in the mobility and infrastructure model proposed in the City’s Climate Emergency Declaration, different economic policies and interests will be addressed and identified from an ecofeminist global justice approach.

Role of Ecoserveis

Ecoserveis participates in project activities, especially those related to the impacts of current mobility, and future mobility proposals (natural gas, hydrogen) both in the global north and south, as well as in awareness-raising and education activities for justice global, through the communication of the project, the co-creation and dynamization of workshops and presentations.


  • Improve the coherence of public policies towards global justice.
  • Promote policy coherence within the Barcelona City Council in all its dimensions (vertical, horizontal, temporal and global), strengthen the institutional apparatus and expand the analysis and monitoring capacities of policies.
  • Promote the coherence of the action in favor of global justice of the different organizations and institutions of the city in which the City Council participates or with which it collaborates.
  • Promote the global responsibility of the city of Barcelona in favor of global justice by supporting actions of Education for Global Justice promoted by the citizens of Barcelona.

Related projects


  • Study on greenwashing practices linked to private and collective transport alternatives.
  • Preparation of a guide to knots and proposals on how to reinforce global justice from an ecofeminist perspective in the mobility transition plan.
  • Organization of conferences on the mobility of people and goods in Barcelona.

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