RENEWING ENERGIES: women leading the energy transition

Project name RENEWING ENERGIES: women leading the energy transition
20/12/2020 - 20/12/2021
Total budget: € 22,500 - subsidy from Barcelona City Council for the socio-economic boost of the territory (year 2020) - Impulsem el que fas -
  • Women outside the formally salaried work circuits, in this pilot, of Nou Barris
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The general objective of the project is the creation of an innovative employment plan and the promotion of energy education and a new energy culture, especially aimed at people in a situation of vulnerability to unemployment (women outside the circuits of formally paid work) in Nou Barris, a district of Barcelona especially affected by energy poverty. The aim is to promote quality employment and tackle job insecurity, as set out in Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth.

The project is promoted by three entities of the social and solidarity economy in the city of Barcelona that have worked in Nou Barris in the field of energy rights, and now address from the complementarity of their tasks the central role of citizenship in the new energy model. A new model based on decentralized renewable energies where people and households will become the center. Specifically, the neighborhood communities, or also the energy communities: self-defined communities in the city that share energy in a social and solidarity way. A model to which Barcelona society is not accustomed, especially the stairs of neighbors who already have previous conflicts due to coexistence or common experiences.

This project aims to train and promote the employment of women in a situation of vulnerability in a sector of growing demand in the city, to be able to deal with the oligopoly both from a domestic and city point of view. In order to promote energy communities (social and solidarity and not in the hands of the energy oligopoly) in the city, it is necessary to promote solidarity and cooperation between neighbors, to establish mechanisms for investment and community energy management. The only challenge to be addressed, once the legal, technical and economic ones have been overcome, remains community facilitation. For this reason, women will be trained to understand and defend their own energy rights and those of the communities they work with, to bring energy sovereignty from Nou Barris to all neighborhoods of the city, focusing on a collectivity, women, and a district, Nou Barris, which are among those most affected by energy poverty and also by the current climate emergency situation.

Participation of Ecoserveis

Coordinació del projecte.


Through the process of support in the employment of women in Nou Barris, different objectives are pursued:

  • Facilitate the employment of women in the sustainable energy sector through training, internships and a specific insertion itinerary.
  • Strengthen the ESS through participation in the co-creation of training and the insertion itinerary, promoting networking and quality employment in these entities.
  • Sustainability and replication of the project through materials and sessions that publicize the project, the methodology, and that encourage replication or scalability in other employment itineraries, public and private.

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