Premium Light

Project name Premium Light
May 2012 - October 2014
Total budget: Intelligent Energy Europe: 1,598,700 €
  • End consumer
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers of lighting and lamps
  • Interior and kitchen and bathroom furniture designers
  • Public authorities, non-profit organisations, consumer organisations
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Due to the sales ban on incandescent bulbs, the end consumer has seen a broad range of new bulbs come onto the market. Unfortunately, this change has not been accompanied by sufficient information, and there continues to be many low quality bulbs on the market which have a negative effect on the image of LED and CFL technology. Consequently, consumers are overwhelmed by a flood of confusion when they attempt to replace incandescent light bulbs without guidance or direction, which in many cases leads to unsatisfactory results.

Furthermore, over time points of sale have witnessed the exponential complication of selling a simple light bulb. Not in terms of the actual sale itself, but the amount of information that is required to properly understand the specifications of new light bulbs. Light bulbs were previously sold in a simple manner, as the market was more homogeneous. All of a sudden, many specifications have now appeared that must be considered (temperature, IRC, brightness, efficiency, power, useful lifespan, etc.) and which also confuse the majority of sellers. For this reason, it is difficult for them to identify good suppliers with quality products from those who are not so good. This is also the same for interior designers and architects.

The goal of the Premium Light project is to tackle these failings, thereby facilitating the transition to efficient high-quality lighting solutions for the domestic sector while also supporting the European Union’s new legal instruments.

Participation of Ecoserveis

At Ecoserveis, we conduct dissemination and training initiatives for end consumers and lighting sector distributors. We also design lighting guides to help sellers and the general public choose high-quality LED products.

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  • Support the regulation of EU and EU-Ecodesign labelling for directional and non-directional bulbs, accompanied by effective information services and measures.
  • Encourage consumers to purchase and use high-quality lighting by providing the information and tools they need to easily choose a selection of good products.
  • Make high-quality lighting products easily visible and identifiable at points of sale.
  • Increase the number of high-quality efficient lighting products on the market.
  • Help overcome the barriers to the acceptance of LEDs.
  • Provide objective information about efficient lighting technologies through the media.

Results achieved

We have provided lighting guides to more than 1,000 retail companies
We have trained 10 Catalan installers’ guilds and 170 people.

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