Project name POWGEN
01/04/2024 - 30/09/2026
Total budget: Program: AMIF - Topic 4 - Multi-stakeholder initiatives for migrant integration into the labor market. Total budget: €1,328,010.17. Budget allocated to Ecoserveis: €103,535.02.
  • People from third countries with low levels of education and qualifications (TCNs - Third Country Nationals)
  • Public and private employment services
  • NGOs working in the field of employment integration
  • Migrant associations
  • Construction companies and those working in the field of renewable energies
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The Power Generation (POWGEN) project is an initiative focused on addressing the challenges of labor market integration for migrants in the renewable energy and energy rehabilitation sectors. Through close collaboration with public administrations, employment professionals, and sector companies, POWGEN aims to develop specific training programs for migrants to improve their skills and enhance their employability.

During the project’s duration, 5 pilots will be conducted in Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Italy, involving sector companies in each country. These pilots will not only provide employment opportunities for participants but also serve as a platform for sharing best practices, lessons learned, and experiences among the various stakeholders involved.

To achieve these objectives, POWGEN seeks to influence local and European policies to promote a more inclusive work environment, facilitate the recognition of migrants’ qualifications in these sectors, while raising awareness in society about the importance of migrant labor integration and the benefits of an inclusive work environment.

POWGEN aims to contribute to achieving the European Union’s energy and climate objectives for 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050, as outlined in the EU Green Deal. Through the design of specialized training in rehabilitation, energy efficiency, and renewable energies, the project reinforces the implementation of the EU’s Renovation Wave initiative.

Ecoserveis' role

Ecoserveis co-leads with C.I.D.I.S. the WP2 focused on the design and creation of the training and labor insertion program for POWGEN.


    • Promote labor inclusion intervention programs for migrant individuals in the renewable energy sector.
    • Engage public administrations, insertion professionals, construction companies, and renewable energy firms in designing a training program tailored for migrant individuals.
    • Enhance the skills of professionals and organizations working with migrant individuals.
    • Improve employability for between 150 and 250 migrant individuals, including at least 20% women through the pilots.
    • Involve three to six construction and renewable energy companies per pilot, ensuring job placements for at least 60% of trained individuals.
    • Establish a network among involved entities to enhance labor inclusion for migrant individuals.
    • Advocate for policy changes at local and European levels to promote employment, qualification recognition, and the inclusion of migrant individuals in the energy rehabilitation and renewable energy sector.
    • Share results and raise awareness about migrant integration into the labor market, highlighting the positive effects of inclusive job opportunities.

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Geographical scope

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Germany