Open Business Model for the Deployment of Energy Communities (MONDCE)

Project name Open Business Model for the Deployment of Energy Communities (MONDCE)
01/10/2020 - 31/12/2021
Total budget: Enfortim l’ESS call. Total budget €22,500, attributable to the grant €11,700.
  • Social and solidarity economy entities
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The eco-social transition is moved by the need of changing towards a more sustainable, fair and democratic model. This change of paradigm gives technology a secondary role and highlights our way of interacting with the environment.

Energy communities play a key role in the way of interacting and their objective is energy transformation through citizenship empowerment. The empowerment takes shape in participatory projects, rooted in the territory, and with clear social and environmental objectives. In this regard, we want to highlight the idea that the importance of energy communities goes beyond generating renewable energy – it’s about the democratisation of energy and the empowerment of the citizenship, to the point where they can finally take part in the electricity market.

Energy communities have arrived from the hand of the European Union and are now on everyone’s lips, these citizen initiatives aim to meet and manage their energy needs always taking into account the coexistence of the environment and people.  Although it encompasses many domains, nowadays the activity is focused on the decentralization of the energy production through shared photovoltaic self-supply.

On the other hand, we see a politic stake in energy communities, through the definition of the different types, the creation of a new specific regulation and the economic promotion at different administrative levels: from the municipal to the European level.

In this whole process, social and solidarity economy (SSE) entities have much to say and we want to have our own space in the market before the oligopoly takes it. Our objective is to foster the SSE fabric and influence on the energy model to foster an energy transition that puts the citizenship at the centre.

Energy communities are an upwards trend, and the Open Business Model for the Deployment of Energy Communities, through four clear phases in the project, seeks to provide the SSE entities with a consolidated roadmap so they can launch a successful business model based on social and environmental values.

Ecoserveis participation

Ecoserveis is the leader of the project, both of the development of the business project and of the diffusion, implementation and evaluation.


  • To create an open business model that fosters self-supply installations in energy communities.
  • To create an ample scope for partnership among SSE entities.
  • To foster self-supply from SSE entities.
  • To make the SSE brand visible, focusing on the added value it gives to the city.

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