Energy Interventions at Gironès

Project name Energy Interventions at Gironès
2014 - Ongoing
Total budget: 5,223.61 €
  • Vulnerable families using basic social services in the Gironès region
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This project provides a permanent service from a professional technician to vulnerable families who are users of basic social services. Energy optimisation measures and advice on energy contracting were supplied to vulnerable homes in 26 of the municipalities in the Gironès region.

The launch of this project was inspired by the detection of a large increase in payment demands for energy supply bills to the social services of the Regional Council and the Gironès Social Welfare Consortium. For this reason, the introduction of a specific project to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the homes of vulnerable families and, at the same time, reduce their financial expenditure on energy bills was deemed necessary.


  • Actively fighting energy poverty in the Gironès region.

Participation of Ecoserveis

At Ecoserveis, we offer a dual service aimed at both users of the project and Social Service professionals.

On the one hand, we provide personalised advice to users so they can improve their energy habits and understand their energy bills. We also install low-cost materials in their homes to improve insulation and energy efficiency. When necessary, we install energy monitors. For example, in the event of curiously high consumption figures.

On the other hand, we train Social Service professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in the energy field. We also conduct training programmes that are open to the public.

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Results achieved

Improvement of the energy performance of 181 vulnerable households 181LLars
Average savings of €270 per household per year during 2016, and €252 in 2017

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