Project name EYES
31 January 2019 - 30 January 2021
Total budget: Erasmus+: € 496,828
  • Young people, especially those from vulnerable communities, who are interested in giving their opinion on energy and climate planning
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Climate change is a global challenge that will affect the younger generations more severely. However, they are not usually given a voice in energy and climate planning. Vulnerable communities still experience more difficulties when it comes to getting their opinions heard, even though they are the ones who are most likely to suffer the worst consequences of climate change. As a result, young people from vulnerable communities represent a section of society that is not very empowered in this regard and, at the same time, one that is very difficult to reach.

With EYES, our intention is to implement and assess an innovative method based on the local-level participation of young people in energy and climate planning. We assist young people, especially those from vulnerable groups, with the aim of structuring their discourse and collective action and promoting key skills such as leadership, communication and political culture.

EYES creates Local Youth Groups, spaces where young people from different backgrounds can discuss energy and climate change. Particular emphasis is placed on the composition of the membership to ensure that they represent a variety of social contexts and to encourage work and mutual understanding.

These Local Youth Groups conduct a study, a survey of other young people and interviews to identify the primary concerns and barriers in terms of energy and climate, from the point of view of young people. This is intended to improve their ability to analyse social problems and put forward solutions to the identified barriers.

The process is guided by a multidisciplinary Advisory Board, made up of representatives of the relevant actors, who adopt the roles of different profiles related to climate change. The collaborative work with other young people and the Advisory Board enhances the participants’ capabilities for dialogue and their civic and social skills.

The final outcome from the Youth Groups is that the Advisory Board makes recommendations to the local City Council regarding the drafting of energy and climate planning policies and how to include young people in these issues. Viability is also analysed and a range of strategies are assessed to encourage the ongoing participation of young people in defining local energy and climate policies.

Participation of Ecoserveis

The team at Ecoserveis coordinates the project and supports the design and implementation of the pilot test in Granollers.

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  • Nurture social cohesion among young people.
  • Improve the civic skills and the ability of young people to analyse social issues.
  • Improve the local Action Plans for Sustainable Energy and the Climate (PAESC) by putting across the viewpoints of young people to those responsible for policy.

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