Project name EnerInvest
February 2016 - March 2019
Total budget: H2020: 1,926,958.75 €
  • Advocates of sustainable energy projects
  • Financial institutions and entities
  • Public authorities and political decision makers
  • Other interest groups, such as energy agencies, industry associations, universities, etc
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EnerInvest is a platform for information, advice, meetings and discussion between the key players in the sustainable energy sector. It aims to provide technical, legal and financial solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects promoted by both the public and private sectors.

Research is also conducted into alternative funding schemes and mechanisms for sustainable energy projects, as well as applicable legislation at the provincial, state and European levels.

Participation of Ecoserveis

At Ecoserveis, we have spearheaded the research and analysis phases of innovative funding models and their adaptation to the Spanish territory.

Ecoserveis and the rest of the members organise meetings between investors and promoters of sustainable energy projects, at the local, national and international level, to facilitate the funding of sustainable energy projects.

We have also developed the Enerintool tool, which enables the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, and we have designed a map of experiences which can be used when seeking benchmark initiatives to use as examples of innovative models and in the preparation of a variety of specialist publications.


  • Improving the financing capacity and attractiveness of investments in sustainable energy projects.
  • Bridge the gap that exists between the financial and sustainable energy sectors, facilitating dialogue between the various entities involved in sustainable energy projects when identifying challenges, barriers and solutions.
  • Create a network of key entities that collaborate to promote investment in sustainable energy.
  •  Influence the development of energy policies that affect the implementation of sustainable energy projects.
  • Develop and foster the adoption of innovative funding strategies, models and schemes.

Results achieved

Development of Enerintool, the benchmark platform and tool for matchmaking.

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Project scope

All the capital cities in Spain