Digitization of the Circular, Social and Solidarity Economy

Project name Digitization of the Circular, Social and Solidarity Economy
01/10/2021 - 30/09/2022
Total budget: 7.500€
  • Social and Solidarity Economy Entities
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The vast majority of Social and Solidarity Economy organizations work with basic digital resources such as spreadsheets or paper. This creates a significant barrier to their growth and the creation of new services, as the resources needed to increase services is proportional to their effort. In other words, services are not scalable because for each production unit you need to acquire a resource unit to expand it. This fact, plus the increasing complexity of the internal management of the entities, makes that growth is at the same time a condemnation to the economic viability of the entity. Thanks to the implementation of an ERP ODOO business management system, used jointly by entities in the same associative fabric, it reduces structure costs and makes services scalable. The main value promoted by the project is the collaboration to make known the free code of the software, which is public, and to deploy it jointly between the organizations.

Role of Ecoserveis

Ecoserveis has deployed the pilot management system ERP ODOO in the form of a pilot, and will generate open guides and resources to replicate it to other entities of Social and Solidarity Economy, seeking synergies with entities that contribute their experience and want to help define a sustainable business model.


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Accompany and facilitate the digital transformation of the entities of the Social and Solidarity Economy.
  2. Deploy the free code enterprise management system ERP ODOO.
  3. Create a sustainable business model with values of Social and Solidarity Economy and circular economy.
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The Digitalisation of the Circular, Social and Solidarity Economy project is the first project that Ecoserveis is carrying out in the field of digitalisation.

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