Cross-KIC EC Boost Mataró Lab

Project name Cross-KIC EC Boost Mataró Lab
01/09/2021 - 31/12/2021
Total budget: 15.000€ - Program EIT Climate KIC, Cross-KIC New European Bauhaus Call for Proposals for Citizen Engagement
  • Neighbors of the Cerdanyola neighborhood of Mataro
  • People in vulnerable situations
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An opportunity to learn about energy and strengthen energy communities. Cerdanyola, Mataro.


This project aims to extend the principles of the New European Bauhaus beyond the limits of large cities and reach the citizens of medium-sized cities, placing special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups. The project takes place in the Cerdanyola neighborhood of Mataró, and consists of giving various conferences and workshops to bring vulnerable consumers closer to renewable energies and shared self-consumption, identifying the main challenges of access to renewable energies and reflecting together about their possible solutions.

Ecoserveis role

Ecoserveis is the coordinator of the project.


  • Promote the participation of citizens in the energy transition, especially of groups in a situation of vulnerability.
  • Support the development of an energy community in the Cerdanyola neighborhood of Mataro.
  • Promote the training of citizens in renewable energy, shared self-consumption and energy communities.

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  • Conferences and workshops given: 4.
  • Total number of participants in the set of conferences and workshops: 80-90.
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