Project name COMANAGE
01/11/2022 - 31/10/2025
Total budget: 1,708,731.80€ in total, of which 326,867.99€ are allocated to Ecoservices - LIFE-2021-CET Program
  • Energy communities
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Develop a transnational governance and holistic framework of integrated services that supports the sustainability of European energy communities


Over the last few years, several projects that promote energy communities have seen the light of day in the EU. The launch and implementation of these initiatives carried out, among others, by projects in which the members of the COMANAGE consortium participate, has shown that energy community projects, once started, often have difficulties in consolidating and ensure the correct continuity.

The COMANAGE project was born from this experience, with the aim of addressing and countering the main governance and management barriers – including a series of legal, administrative, financial, social and organizational obstacles – that communities face energy projects directed by citizens and with public participation. It will do this by creating a methodological framework and an operational governance framework for energy communities, and by providing public authorities involved in energy community projects with a set of integrated services, mechanisms and support tools aimed at facilitating management and governance of communities and other forms of citizen-led energy initiatives, guaranteeing their growth and sustainability in the medium and long term.

The final goal of the project will be twofold: firstly, to ensure that already started energy community projects can take off and grow in the medium and long term. Second, encourage and stimulate the adoption of new community properties and energy projects. With this objective in mind, the project, on the one hand, will put into operation a transnational network of providers of knowledge and skills; on the other hand, it will mobilize, involve and put into operation the key agents around three new integrated services that will be established in three pilot cases throughout the EU: the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in Spain (AMB), the Association of Krakow Metropolis in Poland (KMA), and the National Association of Italian municipalities of Lazio in Italy (ANCI LAZIO).

Role of Ecoserveis

Design leadership of integrated support services for energy communities.


Mobilize and put into operation a transnational, intersectoral and multidisciplinary network of knowledge providers, facilitators and developers of integrated services that will create a holistic and operational framework that allows the management and governance of energy community projects led by citizens and with public participation.

Develop and test a set of governance tools for energy communities: ECGT (Energy Communities Governance Toolkit). They will be implemented collaboratively and supporting local and regional government representatives and other stakeholders mobilized around three integrated support services within three European metropolitan and regional areas.

Facilitate the management and governance of ongoing energy community projects within the three pilot cases and integrate the creation of new energy initiatives.


Demostrar l’eficàcia, la sostenibilitat i el potencial de replicabilitat del marc i del conjunt d’eines del projecte.

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