Project name Aprenem
December 2014 - May 2016
Total budget: Pyrenees–Mediterranean Euroregion contract: 84,040 €
  • Housing managers
  • Tenants
  • Homeowners
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Aprenem used a French project that was created thanks to the interest of promoters and managers of the social housing stock to work on an accompanying programme for tenants.

Aprenem means accompaniment in the efficient use of energy and water to prevent energy insecurity in the Euroregion. The project was funded by the Euroregion. The consortium is comprised of entities from the four areas of the Euroregion.

Both information and raising awareness among the community and stakeholders are essential for promoting the efficient use of energy in households. Workshops and educational resources will help improve comfort inside homes, while at the same time reducing energy bills and the impact on the fight against climate change.

In order to achieve these objectives, the consortium has developed various informative and training materials for the two groups mentioned above:

– 1 exhibition aimed at tenants and landlords

– 2 workshops/seasonal activities on energy uses (for tenants and landlords)

– 1 workshop and 1 e-learning course to train housing managers in the specificities of energy rehabilitation, the sensible use of energy, the energy market, etc.

Participation of Ecoserveis

We are responsible for the implementation in Catalonia, the production of materials, the training and the accompaniment.


Training, assisting and offering tools to housing managers so they can appropriately advise families who have carried out energy rehabilitation.

Disseminating the specific benefits of rehabilitation to motivate more families to commit to this solution for the prevention of energy insecurity.

Helping tenants and landlords make more efficient use of energy and water resources in their homes.

Results achieved

Local housing office professionals trained.

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